GreeNaval is a silent electric  yacht. Silence is one of the essential basic elements of a comfortable and cosy cruise. On a motor yacht with a regular diesel motor, there is approximately 60-70 dbA sound in the saloon while cruising but with GreeNaval’s electric motor design concept the sound in the saloon is almost not there. Silent operation and zero vibration experience of electric motor is one of the most outstanding features of GreeNaval. Due to high-tech electric motors it owns, GreeNaval provides valuable benefits such as long life, high quality, energy savings, maximum performance compared to the minimum fuel consumption along with low noise and vibration.

Naturally, motor boat owners are exposed to motor sound more than the sailing enthusiasts. After a while, boat motor sound could become disturbing with all the other noises. According to the researches, being exposed to sound levels over 90dB constantly might cause nausea, fatigue, muscle strain, increase in heartrate or blood pressure after some time. Due to electric motor, person sleeping next door wouldn’t wake up if the motor is run during night cruises. Moreover, its maintenance is far more easy compared to other motors. Naval Yacht, devoted itself to excellent products and performance, has produced GreeNaval with a hard-to-attain silent electric motor, achieved by its researches and studies in the field of this industry.

Besides all, as humans we, even though unintentionally, damage the World we live in. GreeNaval is designed to provide a harmless environment for both the World we live in and ourselves.

GN 40

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GN40: fra 5.000.000,-

GN47: fra 6.500.000,-

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GN60: fra 17.000.000,-

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